Section W4N
June 9th 2014

Conclave 2014 Registration Now Open!

We are proud to announce that registration for the Section W4N Conclave is now open. Conclave will take place this year September 19-21 at Camp Pollock, Forest Lawn Scout Reservation, Lake Arrowhead. This year’s theme is “Countdown to Centennial: Serve Another Day”.

Come see your fellow Arrowmen from all six Lodges in one weekend. Learn how to be a better leader, communicator and administrator with our interactive seminars. Compete as a Lodge in the famous Flight of the Thunderbird. All of this in addition to Patch Auctions, Pow Wow’s, sports and even a rock wall!

Of course, there is also the competition for the brass ring: the Spirit Stick. And don’t forget, we will be electing next year’s Section Chief, Vice-Chief and Secretary. So come vote and set the stage for next year’s Conclave.

By signing up before August 31th, you will receive an early bird discount as well as a special participant patch. The prices are:

New Ordeal $40 standard – $30 Early (Ordeal since September 20, 2013)

Regular $50 – $40 Early

At the Door: $65

There is also is cabin Housing for $10 extra.

April 7th 2014

New Website!

Welcome to the NEW Section W-4N website!  We are happy to have a revamped web presence and hope you find it useful.  Below are the guidelines for Order of The Arrow Websites.

An official Order of the Arrow web site should follow these guidelines:

  1. The appropriate OA leadership must have direct control over the content of its official web site (i.e. the Key 3 at each level of the organization).
  2. The content of the OA site must be appropriate to the Scouting movement and the Order of the Arrow. Safeguarded information such as ceremony details must be properly protected.
  3. The OA site shall not contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements, except those for the organization providing the site service if it is provided for free or at a discount.
  4. The OA site shall not engage in the electronic sale of BSA Supply Division merchandise, merchandise commissioned by the National Order of the Arrow Committee, or competing products.
  5. The OA site shall not contain any links directly to any sites that contain material that is not appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  6. The OA site shall not replicate any BSA publication currently for sale through the Supply Division.
  7. The OA site must abide by all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property.
  8. The OA site must consider the safety and privacy of their participants by obtaining necessary permissions to release information about or identifying images of any specific individual.
  9. The OA site should include an email contact address for reaching the person managing the site, so visitors can report any problems or concerns.