Congrats to newly elected officers!




This past weekend starting at around 5:00pm on Friday, September 15, the first of 530 Arrowmen from all around Area W4, gathered at the Irvine Outdoor Recreation Center for a weekend filled with fun and fellowship. Starting back in 2016, Section W-4N and W-4S began brainstorming a potential Area Conclave – the first one in nearly 27 years. The two Section Chiefs, Matthias Leier and Javier Venegas, eventually agreed and began meeting to construct a solid base for the Area Conclave.

This following year, in 2017, joint Area Council Of Chiefs, or COCs, began being held. Under new leadership, Jorge Salazar and Matthew McMahan, headed the COCs in the year leading up to the Area Conclave, which was eventually dubbed the ‘Areaclave’. At Areaclave, trainings, patch trading / auctions, sports, museums, shows, and lodge fairs were amongst the many activities offered to the Arrowmen in attendance. On Friday evening, the evening started off with some fun as Lodge Chiefs from the nine lodges in Area W4 were called up to have a dance off before a cracker barrel. The festivities began early the next morning starting with Meet the Man, where National Vice Chief Talon Parker and Western Region Chief Manué Lopez fielded questions from their W4 Brothers. Later in the morning, training sessions were held by several special guests from in and out of the Area. Lastly, before lunch at noon, the traditional Lodge Fair alongside the Camp Promotions competition took place. Amongst the lodge’s booths was large Jenga, finger football, branding, and even an official Skippy approval booth (he’s wicked important).

After lunch, lodges met to set a plan for Flight of the RamBird, a relay-style race where lodges competed head-to-head in a series of mini-competitions to achieve dominance and bragging rights over the other eight lodges. Flight of the RamBird, however, was only the beginning for sports as the classic Lodge Ball competition was brought back with a new tournament format to bring the best lodges from each Section to play against each other to crown an Area W4 Lodge Ball champion. Malibu maintained its typical dominance in Section W-4N and advanced to the final match versus W-4S’ Puvunga before pulling out the win for Section W-4N. We’ll be looking forward to seeing if it is possible to dethrone an Area champion going into 2018. That afternoon, silent auctions were held during the Lodge Ball competitions for adults and youth not as interested in sports. The Outdoor Education Center’s facilities were used to full extent as the pool, zipline, and ranges were opened for all Arrowmen to use. Later in the afternoon, Section elections took place where Tuku’ut’s Jorge Salazar was re-elected as Section Chief, Malibu’s Tyler G. was elected as Section Vice Chief, and Spe-Le-Yai’s Gavin C. was elected to the position of Section Secretary. After the elections that evening, Polynesian dancers were brought in to perform for the Area. During the show, new Section leadership and Lodge Chiefs were called to the stage to learn some basic polynesian dance moves. Upon utterly humiliating themselves in front of the massive Areaclave, the show ended as Brothers were treated to a ‘LIT’ finale with a fire dancer showcasing his best moves. The evening still raged on with a successful live auction (which raised over $5,000 total) and a Pow Wow where guests were brought to Areaclave to perform their traditional Native American songs as dance competitors and New Ordeal Members alike danced and shared in the Order of the Arrow’s Native American roots. Finally, as Saturday began to conclude, Tuku’ut’s famous carne asada was served for Area W4 to enjoy.

The weekend ended with a respectful Interfaith Worship Service on the Outdoor Stage. The final event was the Closing Show / Awards Ceremony. Here, Lodges supported one another as Section Chiefs Jorge Salazar from W-4N and Matthew McMahan from W-4S presented awards and thanks to that year’s Council of Chiefs members. The show ended as Manué inducted the new Section leadership into their new offices. Overall, the weekend was one for the ages, as lifelong memories and friendships were created and remembered.