On September 21st at around 5:00pm arrowmen from Section W-4N began to gather at Camp Three Falls. Amounting to a total of 202 arrowmen, Section W-4N’s weekend of fun and fellowship was off and running. After a full year of planning led by two term Section Chief Jorge Salazar, the Council of Chiefs executed this magical event following last year’s Areaclave. At Conclave 2018, trainings, a Lodge Expo, patch trading, and the classic Flight of the Thunderbird were a few out of many activities arrowmen could participate in.


The Friday night show kicked off the weekend as we watched our Chief, Jorge, and Western Region Chief Jordan Jeffries go head-to-head in fielding Harry Potter related trivia questions and get pie-ed. The next morning started bright and early with Meet the Man, where National Chief, Anthony Peluso, W-3N Section Chief Ryan Thomure, NOAC 2018 Wayfinder Festival CVC, Nick Allen, and Western Region Chief Jordan Jefferis, responded to questions from 4N youth arrowmen. Following Meet the Man, many training sessions took place and were taught by special guests and others both in and out of our Section. Prior to lunch, lodges pitched their tents and tables to participate in the Lodge Expo. Lodge mascots and arrowmen walked among booths of branding, massive Jenga, Order of the Arrow High Adventure promotions, food, and much else.

After lunch, lodges assembled their teams to compete in the classic 4N relay-style race: Flight of the Thunderbird. Lodges competed in events such as running, search and rescue, and climbing the iconic Camp Three Falls climbing wall. In addition to flight of the Thunderbird, lodges competed in Ultimate Frisbee and barrel rolling. Later in the afternoon, Anthony Peluso led the Section in electing our 2018-19 Section Officers: Section Chief Gavin Cho, Section Vice Chief Ben Deveau, and Section Secretary Brayden Armes. The Silent Patch Auction took place in the dining hall as the afternoon progressed. Following dinner, a DJ hosted a party in the famous Three Falls Fort. Colored lights, fog machines, and great music created an exciting atmosphere as even Western Region Chief Jordan Jeffries hit the dance floor. The evening continued with a Pow Wow where arrowmen participated in traditional Native American songs and dance. Finally, as Saturday came to a close, Tuku’ut’s famous carne asada was served for the entire section to enjoy.

The weekend ended with a reverent Interfaith Worship Service in the amphitheater followed by the Closing Show / Awards Ceremony where awards for the Conclave weekend competitions were presented. The show ended with National Chief Anthony Peluso inducting the new Section leaders into their offices. The weekend was as magical as it was made out to be, as lifelong memories and friendships were created.