Chumash Lodge #90

Los Padres Council

Santa Barbara, CA

Chumash was chartered on January 1, 1996 from the merger of Canaliño #90 and Chumash #304. Canaliño was the oldest lodge in the west of the Rocky Mountains. The name Chumash comes from the name on one of of the largest Native American groups in Southern California. The lodge area ranges from Carpinteria, in the south to San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles in the North, to Lompoc in the east. The lodge covers all of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The lodge totem is the Grizzly Bear.

Malibu Lodge #566

Western Los Angeles County Council

Van Nuys, CA

Malibu was chartered on September 6th, 1972 and was formed by the merger of Walika Lodge #228 (San Fernando Valley Council) and Tamet Lodge #225 (Crescent Bay Area Council). These lodges had been serving in the Los Angeles area since 1942. The name Malibu comes from the Chumash word “Maliwu” which means “From the Mountains to the Sea”. The lodge totem is the Pacific Blue Shark, which held religious significance to the Chumash Indians. They have the honor of having one of the most recognized and sought after flap patches in the country of all time.

Spe-Le-Yai #249

Verdugo Hills Council

Glendale, CA

Spe-Le-Yai was chartered on August 16th, 1943 at Camp Bill Lane in the Big Tujunga Canyon. Spe-Le-Yai is the Shoshone word for the “Song of the Coyote”. The lodge totem is a coyote singing to the darkened sky. Spe-Le-Yai was responsible for conducting the first ordeal ceremonies for many of the early lodges in Southern California, including several of the lodges that merged to become Tuku’ut Lodge and Malibu Lodge.

Topa Topa Lodge #291

Ventura County Council

Camarillo, CA

Topa Topa was chartered in June 1944. The lodge traces its history back to June 1929 when the “Battle of Matilija” raged in the council’s camp, Camp Gray, for the first time. The lodge took its name from Chief Topa Topa of the Tribe of Matilija that inhabited the Matilija Canyon near Ojai. The first honor camping organization for the council was the Tribe of Matilija. The lodge totem is a peace pipe, which signifies continued service. The Twin White Gophers represent cheerfulness in fulfilling obligations.

Tuku’ut Lodge #33

Greater Los Angeles Area Council

Los Angeles, CA

Tuku’ut Lodge #33 was chartered in 2016 as the result of a merger between Siwinis Lodge #252 (Los Angeles Area Council) and Ta Tanka Lodge #488 (San Gabriel Valley Council). Tuku’ut translates to “big cat”. The lodge totem is a Sabertooth Cat.

Yowlumne Lodge #303

Southern Sierra Council

Bakersfield, CA

Yowlumne Lodge #303 was chartered on June 11, 1945 at Camp Huntington (Later Camp Kern). The name Yowlumne comes from a tribe of Yokuts Indians in the southern San Joaquin Valley who lived in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada and San Emigdio Mountains. They called themselves the “Wolf People”. Like other Yokuts tribes, they hunted the rich grasslands on the valley margins before the Spanish conquistadors arrived. The lodge totem is a White Wolf and chose to identify themselves with the “People of the Wolf”.