Jorge Salazar

Hello Fellow W-4N Brothers and Sisters,

I am your Section Chief for the 2016-2017. I was from Siwinis Lodge, now Tuku’ut Lodge. Previously I have served as Wiyot Chapter Chief, Siwinis Lodge Vice Chief, Siwinis Lodge Secretary, CVC of Training, and Section Vice Chief. I am glad to serve all Arrowmen at our upcoming Area Conclave with Section W-4S. Make sure to attend our Conclave this September at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Educational Center. This is the first time an Area section is being held in 2 decades! Please join us to make this event successful. It will be a great experience for everyone, join us for interarea fellowship, excellent training, amazing food, outstanding shows, and overall fun. It will be lots of fun, join us to create forever-lasting memories along with fellow scouters in our area and even national.

Yours in Service,
Jorge Salazar
Section W-4N Chief