Gavin C.

Hello Section W-4N Brothers and Sisters,

I am extremely grateful to have been elected (even through a Yes – No system) to serve as your Section Secretary for the 2017 – 2018 term. I am from Spe-Le-Yai Lodge located in Glendale, CA. Since joining the Order of the Arrow in late May 2015, I have served as my Lodge’s Vice-Chief of Membership and, more recently, as Lodge Chief of Spe-Le-Yai. I recently earned a spot on the Western Region Camp Promotions Committee. For the past few years, I’ve worked alongside many great leaders, learning from their successes and failures. I obtained my Brotherhood in May 2016 and became an Eagle Scout in May 2017. In the upcoming year, I hope to begin a solid program of support for the lodges in our section, continue pumping out regular newsletters to inform other lodges of happening in the section and beyond, and to utilize social media to engage with brothers and sisters through modern means of communication. Again, thank you for presenting me this opportunity to serve you all, I promise I will work hard for you all.

Yours in Service,

Gavin C.
Section W-4N Secretary


Fun Facts!

• Lodge: Spe-Le-Yai
• Past OA Positions Held: Vice Chief of Membership, Lodge Chief
• Favorite Book: Gotta go with Harry Potter
• Favorite Movie: (See above)
• Favorite Scouting Memory: 2017 National Jamboree
• Favorite Pizza Topping: Spinach and Bacon (yes, it’s strange… fight me)
• Favorite Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip
• Do aliens exist?: Heck no
• Outside Groups, Sports, or Clubs: #ScoutingISLife
• School: Episcopal School of Los Angeles
• Personal Heroes: Umm…
• Favorite Song: Anything Imagine Dragons
• Most Prized Possession: Polywools
• Favorite Childhood Toy: My LEGO Mindstorm
• Chinese Zodiac Animal: Snake / Serpent
• Favorite Starbucks Drink: I defer to Jorge
• If you were a superhero… Iron Man or Batman: Not a debate. Iron Man.
• Furthest Distance Traveled from Home: East Coast / Hawaii
• Favorite Website:
• Favorite Quotation: “Whatever you are, be a good one.”
• Career Aspiration: Campaign Manager / Chief of Staff
• Biggest Pet Peeve: It would be dangerous to disclose this information.
• Number of Sibling(s): 2
• Favorite Soda/Pop: Sprite