Ben Deveau


I am stoked to be able to serve as your 2018-2019 Section Vice Chief. I am Lodge Chief of  Tuku’ut Lodge, I live in Altadena, I was inducted into the Order in 2013, I attended both NEXT and Prism in 2016, in 2017 I was able to attend OATC at Philmont Scout Ranch, and I attended this last NOAC in 2018. As of September, I am currently working on attaining the rank of Eagle Scout. As Section Vice Chief I am working where Tyler left on a providing a Section Service project at Rancho Alegre. I would like to see the Lodges plan for the future by looking at 2020 issues in 2019 so that they or their next chiefs might be prepared. Finally, I would like to see every arrowman realize the massive role that they can provide in promoting any event; like even a Section event called Conclave, September 20-22, 2019. I look forward to next year with Gavin as the Section Chief and working with the Council of Chiefs. I hope to meet you at one of these meetings or at Conclave.

Yours in Scouting,

Ben Deveau
Section W-4N Vice Chief

Fun Facts!

Lodge: Tuku’ut Lodge
• Past OA Positions Held:  Chapter Membership and Program VCs. Lodge Indian Affairs(2x), Service and Executive VCs. Lodge Chief(2x).
• Favorite Book: the Odyssey.
• Favorite Movie: Nacho Libre.
• Favorite Scouting Memory: OATC or when I was a young scout when I got hypothermia; ask me about it.
• Favorite Pizza Topping: Chicken Bacon Ranch or Bacon with Jalapeno.
• Favorite Ice Cream: Mango.
• Do aliens exist?: Nah Dude.
• Outside Groups, Sports, or Clubs: Just youth Group at my church.
• School: I’ve been home-schooled all my life.
• Personal Heroes: It’s hard for me to think of someone in my life or real life but I think Spider-man is pretty cool. Like, being a kid with all these responsibilities that he has to mange. I can draw similarities to that in my life but I guess I always had good advisers while Spider-man just had one that died.
• Favorite Song: Any song by the Aquabats or White Stripes.
• Most Prized Possession: Old Scout stuff or hand me downs. Such as an old wide brim scout hat given to me by an adviser or my dad’s old black eagle shirt from when he was a youth that I wear today.
• Favorite Childhood Toy: Any of the Batman toys.
• Chinese Zodiac Animal: Snake.
• Favorite Starbucks Drink:  CHOCOLATE MILK!
• Iron Man or Batman: BATMAN!
• Furthest Distance Traveled from Home: West Virginia (SBR).
• Favorite Website:
• Favorite Quote: “A society grows great when old men plants trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”
• Career Aspiration: I don’t know work at Philmont.
• Biggest Pet Peeve:  Lazy people who don’t give a care in the world.
• Number of Siblings: Four brothers and four sisters.
• Favorite Beverage:  Acli-mate or Chocolate Milk.