Tyler G.

Hello Section W-4N Brothers and Sisters,

I am humbled to have been elected to serve as your Section Vice Chief for the 2017-2018 term. I am from Malibu Lodge. Previously I have served as the Achoicominga Chapter Chief, Malibu Lodge Vice Chief, and Malibu Lodge Chief. I have been in Scouting since 2007 and I earned my Eagle Scout in 2013. I am also part of the Western Region Branding Team and I am the lead for the National Communications Local Features Team. I have been to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference, and NEXT: A New Century. I have been on staff for Wachipi, the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, and the OA Hackathon. I have been in our Order since 2013 and I obtained the Brotherhood Honor in 2014. In March 2018, I completed my Vigil induction. My Vigil name is Wusischum Woapalanne, which is interpreted as Young Eagle. For this upcoming year, I hope to improve social media presence throughout the section, improve communication with our Council of Chiefs, and plan a section-wide service project at Rancho Alegre, a camp within the section owned by Los Padres Council which houses Chumash Lodge that burned down in a recent fire.

Yours in Service,

Tyler G.
Section W-4N Vice Chief


Fun Facts!

• Past OA Positions Held: Chapter Vice Chief, Chapter Chief, Lodge Vice Chief, Lodge Chief
• Favorite Book: Field Operations Guide – Order of the Arrow
• Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight
• Favorite Scouting Memory: NOAC 2015
• Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni
• Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough
Do aliens exist?: Jorge is looking kinda strange these days…
• Outside Groups, Sports, or Clubs: none lol Scouting is my life
• School: Granada Hills Charter High School
• Personal Heroes: Jorge
• Favorite Song: Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd
• Most Prized Possession: My merit badge sash
• Favorite Childhood Toy: LEGO
• Chinese Zodiac Animal: Dragon
• Favorite Starbucks Drink: Hot Chocolate
• If you were a superhero… Iron Man. Easily.
• Furthest Distance Traveled from Home: Bahamas
• Favorite Website: OA-bsa.org (check it out)
• Favorite Quotation: “He who serves his fellows is, of all his fellows, greatest” – E. Urner Goodman
• Career Aspiration: Materials Engineer
• Biggest Pet Peeve: when people use grammar incorrectly
• Number of Sibling(s): 1
• Favorite Soda/Pop: Sprite