Section W-4N National Event Scholarship

Each year, our section offers two (2) $250 Scholarships* for any youth Arrowman (within Section W-4N) to attend a National Order of the Arrow Event. This program aims to make National events more financially accessible to our dedicated and service-driven Arrowmen. Each Arrowman is eligible for ONE of these scholarships per year.

The scholarships may be used to attend any of the four amazing OA High Adventure Bases, National Leadership Seminars, National Order of the Arrow Conference, and more!

In order to nominate yourself for one of these scholarships, you must fill out and submit an application (below) at least one month prior to the event and along with Lodge Chief and Adviser approval (second page of application). Once these signatures have been obtained, you must scan your application and send it to the Section Secretary at:

When your application is filled completely and submitted, you will receive a response email and Section leadership will review and discuss. You will be notified within two weeks whether your application has been accepted or otherwise. You will be reimbursed $250 for the event you cite on your application upon sending us a copy of your receipt.

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship program please email the Section Secretary using the same email as noted above.

*NOTE: If your event costs less than $250, the Section will only pay the amount that program costs. For example, if an event costs $100, the Section will only reimburse you $100.

APPLY HERE: Section W-4N National Event Scholarship!